Terms & Conditions

The following Betway Satta casino terms and conditions is a representation of unconditional and conditional agreement between the firm and you. If you register on this site or perhaps consider using any of the firm’s products, by extension, you will have to wholeheartedly agree to: 

  • Be a party to all the rules that control this site
  • That you have thoroughly read and completely understood the terms and conditions of this platform. Furthermore, you have agreed to abide by the terms and conditions of Betway Satta and that you will follow them at all times. 

This site is at free will to either update, amend or even edit for that matter its rules at any point of time. However, if there are numerous amendments to the rules that control this platform, be sure that you shall be informed early. Before these modifications are effected, your consent will be required. In case you don’t agree with the newly set Betway Satta rules, you shouldn’t proceed to enjoy the services of this particular platform.

Creating and Utilizing an Account

To begin utilizing Betway Satta services, you have to initially create an account. During the registration procedure, you will be requested to give individual data such as your address, contact number, name and preferred payment method. You are required to make certain that all the data offered is correct and up to date. a


After registration, Betway Satta introduces an ID verification process to make certain the security of all our users. You will be required to verify your account by offering clear images or scans of requested identification documents. This step not only makes certain of the security of your account, but also makes certain of the compliance with international regulatory guidelines. 

Once your account has been verified, you shall be able to indulge in all the features of Betway Satta. Keep in mind that it is extremely crucial to keep your account details private. Sharing your login details can threaten the security of your account. If you suspect illegal activity with your account, get in contact with our support agents instantly. 

For effortless transactions, kindly make certain that the name on your Betway Satta account matches the name of your payment or banking details. Any inconsistencies may result in delays in making withdrawals or deposits. 

Sports Betting

The spirit of sports betting lies in understanding the odds, which showcase the likeness of an event taking place. These odds also decide the possible surpluses from a bet. Greater the odds means a lower likeness of a result, but offers a big possible payout. 

Thanks to the substantial number of betting alternatives, you can make simple forecasts on the result of a match as well as intricate bets such as over odds or correct score. For those who are searching for actual time play, Betway Satta has this characteristic as well, with odds always switching as the game goes on.  

As you move through the leagues, matches and tournaments on offer, it is crucial to investigate and bet strategically. Decide the sort of bet that suits your comprehension of the sport and the particular match. Once decided, select a sum, ensure that you are comfortable with both the size and the likely return. 

Casino Games

Slot machines are a perpetual favorite, renowned for their jackpots and colorful displays. With a range of themes varying from traditional fruits to complicated stories, players are warranted to discover slots that match their cravings. 

Besides slots, table games such as roulette, poker and blackjack offer a merger of chance and skill. Blackjack, which is a battle of wits among the dealer and the player, is based on the numerical 21. In roulette, fate is based on the spin of the wheel, while in the case of poker, players compete against each other in a strategic duel. 

Betway Satta also offers live games. Communicating with actual dealers through live streaming, users can enjoy baccarat, poker or even roulette in actual time. Furthermore, there are games such as Lotteries, Arcade and 4D as well. 

General Rules

  1. Bet shall solely be placed by individuals who are of the ages 18 or the age of majority in their regions and agree to the betting regulations provided by the bookie. The user should be held liable in case of violation of this regulation.  
  2. The bookie shall be authorized to refuse bets from users who fail to follow the rules. The bookmaker reserves the authority to refuse to accept a bet of any sort from any player should they violate social guidelines of conduct as well as public order. 
  3. Winning shall be paid to the gambler within 20 calendar days from the date of official publication of the outcomes of the newest event on the bet slip. 
  4. In the instance of technical failures and unended streams and such bets on Esports Live will be refunded solely if the event in question doesn’t take place or bets on the event are not yet settled by the bookie. 
  5. In no instance shall the bookmaker Betway Satta be held responsible to the customer for any collateral, indirect or incidental damages or losses even though they might have been made known that such damages or losses are possible to take place. 
  6. The bookie absolutely reserves the authority to update these rules as well as add in new provisions at any point of time. Such new amendments or rules shake take effect swiftly after the publication on the official website. 
  7. The Betway Satta users are notified about the odds of succeeding and of the likely consequences and threats of losing. 
  8. You cannot deposit any cash through a debit or credit card which a user is not permitted to use or knowingly receive cash from such a card or in any other way colluding with a 3rd party to do so. 
  9. In the happening that Betway Satta believes a player is attempting to abuse or abusing a bonus or another other promotion, or is likely to profit through such abuse, then Betway Satta may, at our own discretion, deny, block, withhold or withdraw any user from any promotion or bonus in such a way that we deem fit.